Farmers Talk (Winter 2017 Newsletter)

Winter 2017 News from SustainAbility Farm

Our farm work will begin again in just a couple of weeks as we start seeding onions and shallots in our greenhouse. After that, our progression of cool weather vegetables will be seeded,  followed by the summer-loving plants to which our farmers will give a great head start.

We are working to involve a number of local farmers in our project this year we and need your support to cover the costs of bringing them on to the field.

Please read on for the stories of two of our farmers who were eager to write to you about their experience on the farm.  Enjoy!


By Sheila Dolkhani

The farm is a fun place for me to work.  I love it. It is so productive and useful for everyone.  I am so happy working. I even got to try new things like weeding, planting.  I like eating it too.  It is fresh and tasty. We get to provide vegetables for the community. You get so many friends through it.  I think the farm is a great experience for everyone involved. I am excited to start again in the spring.  Thank you for supporting us.


By Rachel Kaplan

The farm is really terrific.  The restfulness of the farm is easy on my brain. Want to thank everyone who supports the farm. I am so thankful for the dear people who are our supporters. Want to use this space to tell you dear supporters what it is like for us to work on the farm.

The day begins and I am on the road down to the field.  I pass the greenhouse and spray the seedlings with water.  Each day is different.  Taking a tray of seedlings from the greenhouse to the field has the reassurance that today we will plant.  This is my favorite thing to do.  Tasty vegetables require water and fertilizer from the start.  They need to live without weeds.  Planting takes this into account.

Weeding is difficult and I am not an interested partner when we weed.  It is necessary, this is true.  But, it is deadly in its war against the weeds. Destroying one plant for another is hard. Realizing that the weeds are going to return is also tough. Still, I am serious about the art of farming. This assertion means that I have to do what our farm needs to grow.

The really lovely thing about planting and weeding is that it brings you to harvest.  It is last on the list for the plant but first on the list for the farm. Harvesting the crops to sell to our customers is the time to really be happy that you have grown something that will be important to others.

This is unbelievable happiness for those of us with autism.  We saw our lives as really just having no importance.  Mastering the skills of the grower has cast away this description of who we would become.  We will grow food. And this is important.


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