Wish List

Do you have, or can you get, any of these items?

Pick up truck- 4 wheel drive, under 200,000 miles on odometer

Chicken coop for 12-24 fortunate laying hens. We’ll take the finished product, or ANY of the materials for building it.

Heat lamp for chicken coop

Waterer for chickens with chicken nipple

Chicken tractor for mobilizing our chickens to improve the soil fertility and decreasing pests.

Straw and feed.

Sheep shed for 6-12 showy sheep. Again we’ll take the finished building, or ANY of the materials to build it.


Watering and feed troughs for sheep shed

Guard donkey, llama, or dog

Solar-operated predator warning system.

Perimeter fencing

Temporary paddock fencing

Rototiller with hilling attachment

Greenhouse- 12’x20’ or larger

propane greenhouse heater

greenhouse exhaust fans.

Greenhouse Tables

Greenhouse irrigation supplies